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Host a World Ride movie night

Bikes, camera, action!

World Ride’s Movie Nights are fundraisers offered in support of our mission of empowering women! Gather with a group of mountain biking enthusiasts to watch mountain biking movies, eat snacks, and generally have a great time!

Upcoming Movie Nights

How to host a movie night

When you’re ready to host a movie night and connect with your local mountain biking community, fill out the Google form below to get the process started. Once you do, we will be in touch to help you with everything you need to know to host a movie night, including:

  • How to choose a venue
  • Tips about how to find sponsors for your event
  • Decide if you would like to use our standard curated movie lineup or choose from the list we have permissions for. If you let us know the list of films, we will create a script for the event for you.
  • We will create marketing materials and ticketing links for you!
  • Help with how to distribute the marketing materials
  • Everything you’ll need to know to help the movie night run smoothly

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm, get in touch!

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How hosting a movie night supports World Ride

Hosting a Movie Night helps drive World Ride’s mission forward by:

  • Spreading awareness about World Ride through community engagement, especially in the mountain biking community
  • Raising money to build more bike and gear libraries and provide guide training and certification courses for the women we work with
  • Raising the visibility of women in mountain biking, by featuring movies focused on women mountain bikers

Sign up to be a host

Ready to host a movie night? We think so too! Fill out this Google Form to get started:

Movies featured during Movie Nights

We are excited to present our new film Libertad featuring Christa Castillo. This film was made with generous support from Osprey Packs and SHREDLY and is a film by Trippool Media and Hilary Lex Treks.

Moksha is a film that follows three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can give to women across the Himalayas. Follow these young women as they compete in mountain bike races across the Asian continent, claim titles as the first female MBLA certified mountain bike guides in Nepal, and most importantly witness the impact these women leave as role models for other Nepali women and girls. World Ride Executive Director, Julie Cornelius, was one of the key women who made this film a reality!

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Anyone who wants to help support the World Ride mission can apply to host a Movie Night! Just fill out the form found above to get started.

Other ways of supporting the World Ride mission include going on one of our bike tours, applying for our ambassador program, and making a donation. Every contribution helps us empower women!

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About World Ride

What World Ride is all about

World Ride believes in the transformative power that the sport of mountain biking can have on women’s lives. The skills learned through mountain biking translate into other areas in the lives of women that we work with.

Learn more about how World Ride helps women globally develop essential skills like courage, determination, and leadership.

Donate to World Ride

Your donation to World Ride helps us empower women globally by providing access to mountain bikes and training. The skills developed through mountain biking can change lives—skills like leadership, determination, and confidence.