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Combine your passion for travel with your love of mountain biking. Have you always wanted to see the Andes? Or the Himalayas? Have you dreamed of going on a safari? Imagine doing all that on your mountain bike. Why just go see Mount Kilimanjaro when you could summit it on your bike?

Explore our mountain biking tours below and sign on for your next adventure!

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Touring some of the most unforgettable places and breathtaking scenery on a mountain bike? Sign me up! Join World Ride on a mountain biking tour for the trip of a lifetime, while supporting our mission of empowering women.

Why choose a World Ride mountain biking tour?

Ride with guides local to the area!

Your epic trip will be guided by the local women that World Ride has helped become mountain biking guides. Get local, insider knowledge about the country you’re visiting and see with your own eyes the difference your support makes.

Mountain bike tourism

Visit the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing in a unique and exceptional way. Get off the beaten path and onto the singletrack to experience local festivals, eat authentic foods, and see exhilarating sights from your bike.

Your trip supports the local economy by visiting local restaurants, accommodations, attractions and businesses.

Help empower women

Our mountain biking tours are a win-win situation—you get the trip of a lifetime, and you support the World Ride mission. Your trip helps our programs financially, which means more women can access bikes and the training they need to improve their mountain biking skills and become guides.


This varies by country and the details will be included in your trip information sheet! On average, the equivalent of $20-30 per person per day that will be split among guides and drivers.

If you’re building your mountain biking skills but still want to experience an epic adventure, we recommend our Botswana and Guatemala tours! These tours are on the lower end of the fitness and skills scale, and still an incredible good time.

Yes, Peru is the only trip that we recommend you wear a full-face helmet.

More questions? Find more answers on our FAQs page.

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