Julie Cornelius

Executive Director and Founder

Julie is passionate about all things mountain biking and travel. In 2015, she was making plans to travel to Nepal when the devastating earthquakes struck. Julie began brainstorming ways to help, and the idea for the AndShesDopeToo film Moksha was born.

In March of 2017, Julie traveled to Nepal with a team of women mountain bikers to work with women mountain bikers in Nepal and tell their story through the film. Moksha was released in 2018.

Building on the ideals of the film, World Ride is committed to the long-term vision of creating opportunities for more women across the globe to access mountain biking.

Julie lives in Moab, Utah and is a certified mountain bike skills coach, guide, and nutritionist. She loves connecting with women around the world and wants to make mountain biking accessible to women everywhere.

Certifications and awards

Julie’s love of mountain biking shines through her various achievements, including:

  • World Ride founder
  • BICP-certified mountain bike instructor
  • Masters Degree in Nutrition
  • Moksha visionary

Interviews and articles

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