What is an ally?

“An ally is any person that actively promotes and aspires to advance the culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts that benefit people as a whole.”- Sheree Atcheson

World Ride has the mission of empowering women globally through mountain biking. We love that we have so many female supporters who want to further our cause and help get more women mountain biking around the globe. We recognize, though, that women are still the minority in the sport of mountain biking. So as much as we still need the support of women to work toward our mission, we also need male allies who want to support what we are doing.

What could this look like?

Going on a World Ride trip– almost all of our trips are co-ed! We do some special women’s only trips, but otherwise, men are always welcome on  World Ride trips. Trips remain the best way to support World Ride and it is a win-win for everyone involved. You get to go on a fun mountain bike trip in a spectacular location. Your trip helps to support the local community by employing our guides and supporting the local economy. And best of all, you get to meet the women you are directly helping through your support of World Ride.

Hosting a movie night or fundraiser in your location-  In order to best support the women who we work with, we need to raise money for our programs to succeed in each location. Help us do this by hosting a fun movie night or event in your area!

Share what we are doing– This can be through social media, an email to your friends and family, talking about us at your local event or any other creative way you can think of.  We can assist with your ideas by providing content, logos, or setting up a fundraising page to help with donations. World Ride is excited to be partnered with Pivot Cycles, who believes in the idea of allyship to support what we are doing. They approached us with an idea of doing a film in Guatemala and we could not be more thrilled to share the finished product. Brice Shirbach is the epitome of a male ally. He was fully on board to tell the story of World Ride and share about our mission. Throughout  the trip, he wanted to learn about what we are doing so he could effectively tell the World Ridestory and showcase the beautiful country where we work When the video launched, we were surprised and humbled to see that Brice had launched a fundraiser for World Ride on his own social media- thank you Brice!

Check out the full film and if you want to ride some of the same trails as Brice did, check out one of our trips to Guatemala!