We get so many people reaching out to us through social media and email asking how they can help with our mission to empower women globally through mountain biking. We are overwhelmed with gratitude at this outpouring of support!

A mountain biker on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

We truly believe that the best way to support World Ride is to go on one of our trips! Here is why:

1. You get to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to an amazing destination!

Nepal, Peru, Guatemala, Lesotho? These are bucket list mountain biking destinations and you can visit them WHILE supporting World Ride!

A mountain biker on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

2. Our trips help to support the women that we work with.

Not only does your trip help to financially keep our programs running, but you will also be guided by one of the women we have helped to support in becoming a mountain bike guide (or a guide in training!).

Nishma and Usha are two of our amazing guides in Nepal.

3. You will get to meet the women that we work with!

This is the best part, right? You will get to spend the time with one of our amazing female guides and some trips even have the opportunity for joining in group rides or other events to meet even more local women. In Guatemala, we do a yearly Travesia trip where after our standard itinerary, we have a bonus day that includes a community ride with 60+ Guatemala women!

We got to ride with over 60 Guatemalan women in the first ever women’s only Travesia ride.

4. Your trip helps to support the local economy.

Not only do we want to help get more women into mountain biking, but we also want to help support the economies of the locations that we work with. Your trip helps to keep hotels in business, support porters in the mountains, buy gifts from local artisans and so much more. Everyone wins!

Peruvian women show us the traditional way of using local plants to dye the yarns used in the colorful textiles. These handmade textiles are available for purchase directly from the women at this co-op.

5. Gives you the opportunity to give women gear donations first hand.

We are so grateful for all of the mountain bike gear we get sent for the women that we work with. We LOVE bringing this gear to the women and seeing their faces light up when they get their first brand new helmet or new bike shoes. You can experience this joy by bringing it to them yourself! Have some gently used items you want to donate? Maybe you are getting a bike and want to have a tax write off with your old one? Bring them with you on a trip and leave them for the ladies!

The ladies in Peru were so excited to get to choose items from the donations we brought. Our new guide Claudia got a helmet- her first ever brand new helmet that was just hers (not shared with her husband or brother!).

Have we convinced you to sign up for a trip yet? Don’t forget that are trips are co-ed so anyone is welcome! We are now booking trips for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023.

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