Sunita “Dolma” Shrestha

Sunita Shrestha

Nepal Mountain Biking Guide

Get to know Sunita

How did you get started mountain biking?

I started mountain biking with the local event cycle Cora in Kathmandu and it slowly became my profession.

Why do you love mountain biking?

I love mountain biking for fun and to stay healthy.

Where is your favorite place in Nepal?

My favorite place in Nepal as a trekking guide is Tamang but for mountain biking I prefer Mustang.

What is something interesting about you that people might not know?

I was a trekking guide for 8 years and still I do it. I am 23 years old now and my birth place is also nearby some trekking trails so I was inspired to work in tourism. I try to give my best on trips—that’s my favorite part.

Let Sunita guide you on a mountain biking trip of a lifetime in Nepal