Jess Hana

Marketing/Brand Chair

Jess (or @jessthemaker, as she’s known to her legion of Instagram followers) loves traveling the world and having fun on two wheels!

After making a living for 13 years as a creative designer, Jess took her creative talents to the field of mountain bike content creation, creating classics such as “Things Mountain Bikers Say“, “Every Bikers Worst Fear”, and “How to Afford a High End Mountain Bike“. Jess finds a lot of inspiration in her travels and outdoor adventures, which shines through in her hilarious videos. She currently calls Northwest Arkansas home where she’s in the midst of renovating a fixer upper alongside her partner and fur babies.

Jess is a PMBI Level 1 certified MTB instructor and loves helping other women connect with their courage and become more confident riders.

After learning about all of the amazing things World Ride had been doing to help empower women all across the globe, she joined the board at the end of 2020.

Certifications and awards

Jess’ love of mountain biking shines through her various achievements, including:

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