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Gobona Mantle

Botswana Mountain Biking Guide

Get to know Gobona Mantle

How did you get started mountain biking?

The first time I went on a bicycle I was a young girl about thirteen or so. I grew up with boys and I used to see boys given an opportunity to ride my uncle’s commuter bike that the locals call humber. I was never given that opportunity because I was a girl, and growing up in the village girls had certain chores that they were supposedly supposed to do but me being me I enjoyed doing boy stuff. One day my uncle wanted to send me to his friend’s and I asked him if he could push me on his humber so I could go fast. To my amazement he did and just one push was all it took—that was the beginning of me loving and enjoying his humber.

Why do you love mountain biking?

I love mountain biking because that was the first sport I fell in love with without being pushed into doing. It’s unique and it’s soul soothing. No matter the circumstances you find yourself in once on a bike all your stress is gone.

Where is your favorite place in Botswana?

My favorite place in Botswana is the Okavango Delta, one of the largest inland deltas in the world. It’s protected under the world heritage sites. I got the opportunity to travel around the country—it’s a serene and quiet place.

What is your favorite trail in Botswana?

My favorite trail at the moment is in Mokolodi. My country is mostly flat: we don’t have mountains and going inside Mokolodi gives you the experience to ride anywhere and experience hills, loose rocks, and sand patches.

Anything else?

Teach the young ones to love themselves and never compromise on their happiness. Dream big and be whatever they are destined to be. Life is too short for compromises.

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