Christa Castillo

Christa Castillo

Guatemala Mountain Biking Guide

Christa had been curious about mountain biking while working as a volcano hiking guide for Antigua, Guatemala based Old Town Outfitters. After World Ride started their program in Guatemala, she got asked to be the first female mountain bike guide. She immediately fell in love with the bike and now works guiding mountain biking and hiking. She also organizes a weekly group ride of local Guatemalan women with her group Aventurandose con la Christa. Some of the rides now have 25-30 women!

She loves the way she can connect with herself and nature through mountain biking. She has also climbed 21 volcanoes throughout Guatemala and loves poetry, reading, jazz, Ayurveda and any type of adventure.

Get to know Christa Castillo

How did you get started mountain biking?

I started seeing other friends/guides at Old Town Outfitters riding mountain bikes and I got curious. So far I’ve barely started but I’m excited to start learning more about the sport and riding more.

Why do you love mountain biking?

I want to have fun in general. I love the way you can connect with yourself and nature and how you start to learn to guide your mind/body. I think mountain biking will give me more opportunities for these.

Where is your favorite place in Guatemala?

I love every part of Guatemala where I can see trees and the clear sky, but one particular spot that has changed me was the volcano Santa María.

What is your favorite trail in Guatemala?

I can’t have just one favorite trail! I have climbed 21 volcanoes in Guatemala and all of them are beautiful and different, same with hills like “Cucurucho” and “Corazón del Agua”. Too many to choose from.

What is something interesting about you that people might not know?

I like to take things positively even when it’s a hard time that we all have sometimes; for me every moment is a lesson to learn how to enjoy life and let go of what makes me down. I love poetry, books, Jazz, nature, the moon, adventure, and being independent.

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